For a start, no… my real name is Andrew Jones, but I’ve had the nickname Bones since I was at high school, and have always signed my work with it. More to the point, I’m a digital artist based in Manchester, England, who specializes in realistic digital painting. Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy, and surrealism are favourite genres of mine to work with, but my method’s pretty flexible and can be turned to most subjects.

Although my work has a very traditional look, it’s usually entirely digital, first sketched into Photoshop using custom brushes I’ve designed to mimic pencil, and then painted using ones that most closely resemble watercolour, gouache and airbrush. I’ve also made realistic inking brushes for producing black and white line art. Occasionally special textures or effects are made using traditional materials and then scanned in to be added.

I have a lot of heroes who’ve influenced my work, largely illustrators from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s (Drew Struzan, Dermot Power, Luis Royo, Glenn Fabry, Oliver Frey and Mark Schultz… there are way too many to mention here) but the late Bob Wakelin deserves a special mention. I was a huge fan of his illustrations as a kid, and met up to by an original from him in the early 2000s. Much to my surprise, he not only became a friend but a mentor, giving criticism (usually excessively harsh, as was his way) and advice that allowed me to raise it to a professional level. I owe a lot of my progress and inspiration to him, so it’s no coincidence that some of his style runs in the veins of my own work.